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The "New" Prostate Cancer InfoLink Social Network is a service of Prostate Cancer International and is closely associated with the core information and daily news made available through The "New" Prostate Cancer InfoLink. We welcome patients, family members, physicians, researchers, and anyone else who is seeking information about what's happening on Planet Prostate Cancer.

If you want to remain anonymous on this network ... please DO NOT use your real name when you sign in. Use a pseudonym, or just your first name and an initial.

One of our primary goals is to help newly diagnosed men to come to the best possible decision for them about a specific course of action. Given two men with exactly the same clinical characteristics, the best possible decision for man A may be very different to the best possible decision for man B.


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Hargreg left a comment for E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott
"Hello Mike, Thank You for your Input. After my initial appointment on May 4th? that is if NYC is safe! I will know more Information and will be armed with many questions for Dr. Tewari. It is a scary time for me! So much conflicting information…"
Hargreg updated their profile
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott commented on ANTONIO's status
"Antonio: Because you live in Uruguay, I am sorry but I don't know where you would best be able to send your MRI scans for a second opinion. Good places here in the USA would probably include the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX, or…"
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for Hargreg
"Welcome Harlow. So I see you are 63 years of age and that you appear to have "favorable" intermediate-risk prostate cancer as defined by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) risk criteria. You need to confirm with your doctors…"
Hargreg is now a member of The "New" Prostate Cancer InfoLink Social Network
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for Erik K
"Hi Erik. I honestly think your rad/onc is telling you what he thinks is your best option. Just to back it up, if I was wearing your shoes (at 72 years of age) I would have opted for 6 months of ADT and then EBRT of some type starting after the first…"
ANTONIO posted a status
"Mike,thks. I need to have my last 2 MRI analyze again, to tiebreak. 2 reports different finding. Do you know where to send MRI to be report"
Erik K left a comment for E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott
"Thanks Mike! News since last we talked: - I've made the firm decision, external beam radiation and no ADT.  My radiation doc does not think this is the best decision for me but he says he is willing to respect my choice and treat me. -…"
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for Erik K
"Erik: See my comments on all the additional info your provided (below): -- "Extent of pattern 4: 20-30%" almost certainly means that this was the amount of Gleason pattern 4 in the biopsy sample that had the most pattern 4. The implication…"
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott commented on Howard Ross's status
"Good (about the dog)! I approve! Post a photo once you find one!"
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for Ronald Lux
"Hmmm ... Better that they are teaching you about catheters than that they are having to teach you how to use a ventilator for a coronavirus infection! This is a good time to be thankful for small mercies! Hopefully you will be able to get off the…"
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for ANTONIO
"Hi Antonio ... I don't think you want to try to come to the US for a second opinion until at least August or September at present ... for obvious reasons! If your PSA level still stable? (even if the last MRI doesn't look quite as good as…"
Howard Ross commented on Howard Ross's status
"Thanks Mike I have good doctors at Carbone and who knows they may just find a lymph node to zap. Yes, I am trying to get another dog. "
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott commented on Howard Ross's status
"Hi Howard ... Sometimes life just decides to test our resolve. It's OK to feel miserable for a little while, but then one has to bite the bullet! Suggestion: Go down to the pound and find a nice, smiley, and relatively lazy new dog to adopt.…"
Ronald Lux joined Robert's group

Cryotherapy and Prostate Cancer

A group to discuss the technology, treatments, and outcomes from whole gland and focal cryotherapy therapy.See More
Apr 2
Ronald Lux left a comment for E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott
"I had salvage cryotherapy on 3/17/20 at CU Health, Aurora CO.  Their Urologist Has performed over a 1000 of these procedures and claims a 70% overall success rate.  The hospital has an impressive screening procedure involving PET scans,…"
Apr 2


Short course ADT side effects? 9 Replies

New question. I am doing 1 month + 1 month + 4 month Lupron with 5 1/2 (?) weeks high dose IMRT beginning at 8 weeks into ADT.For those who experience side effects of ADT in the short course, what is the timing and sequence of the side effects. That…Continue

Started by Guy B. Meredith. Last reply by Erik K Mar 24.

Anyone have a biopsy sample genetically test by Myriad Genetics out in Salt Lake City?

I recently had a fusion biopsy and of the 16 samples one came back with a Gleason 7 (3+4).As I was told the 4 part represented 30%.  The urologist asked if he could send this sampleto Myriad Genetics for testing.  The test is called Prolaris.  If…Continue

Started by Martin M Mar 23.

Conflicting PSA thresholds 2 Replies

Hello Again,My PSA scores post RP and followed with RT have been reported as <0.006. The newest score with the same lab is now reported as <0.014. I have attempted to contact the reporting lab with no success for an answer. I will see my…Continue

Started by Tom Graybill. Last reply by Tom Graybill Mar 6.

Anyone having to continue self-cathing after RP?

I have to self-cath 4-5 times per day due to a back injury that caused nerve damage and shut down my bladder. Scheduled for RP in 3 weeks. Dr. says after RP, I will keep cath in for 4 weeks to ensure all is healed because I will be poking my urethra…Continue

Started by Lee Feb 20.

How aggressive are these numbers? 21 Replies

My PSA was <0.1 in March 2011, <0.1 in September 2011, 0.1 in March 2012, <0.2 in May 2012 (tested by GP), and 0.3 in August 2012 (again tested by the same GP).  How aggressive is that increase?Continue

Started by Arthur Rollins. Last reply by MARY MCCANN Feb 13.

Salvage radiation after salvage radiation 3 Replies

Has anyone had a second bite of the cherry with radiation?Continue

Started by Greg Rutherford. Last reply by E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott Feb 12.





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