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The "New" Prostate Cancer InfoLink Social Network is a service of Prostate Cancer International and is closely associated with the core information and daily news made available through The "New" Prostate Cancer InfoLink. We welcome patients, family members, physicians, researchers, and anyone else who is seeking information about what's happening on Planet Prostate Cancer.

If you want to remain anonymous on this network ... please DO NOT use your real name when you sign in. Use a pseudonym, or just your first name and an initial.

One of our primary goals is to help newly diagnosed men to come to the best possible decision for them about a specific course of action. Given two men with exactly the same clinical characteristics, the best possible decision for man A may be very different to the best possible decision for man B.


Latest Activity

Rick Tudor left a comment for E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott
"Mike,  Only minor side effects. Daily hot flashes and periods of fatigue. No bone, liver problems, or weight gain. As this has been only the start of this journey, I'm mostly looking ahead to a surgery without unnecessary nerve…"
3 hours ago
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for Rick Tudor
"Hi Rick. Thanks for the clarification. That would certainly explain why they have classified you as T3b. Have you been able to cope with the side effects of the Lupron + the abiraterone OK?"
18 hours ago
Rick Tudor left a comment for E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott
"Hi Mike, I was diagnosed after a biopsy followed up by 2 MRIs & a bone scan. The MRI showed an extensive tumor on the left side of the prostate, with extraprostatic extension. The prostate biopsy showed high volume gleason 4+3 and…"
21 hours ago
bryan left a comment for E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott
"the comments, info and links are very helpful and add much clarification - thanks for your efforts...very much appreciated. bryan"
22 hours ago
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for Rick Tudor
"Welcome Rick. I see that you are 61 years young (in addition to the information given above). Am I correct in thinking that you have already had surgical treatment for your prostate cancer? It would be relatively unusual for a patient to be told he…"
Rick Tudor is now a member of The "New" Prostate Cancer InfoLink Social Network
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for bryan
"Bryan: The last trial that attempted to clarify the issue of whether immediate therapy was better than delayed therapy for men like you was the so-called TOAD trial, carried out in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada (see here for the details). This…"
bryan left a comment for E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott
"thanks again.  I'm not trying to get into an argument here, just looking for info and clarification because I can only base a decision on what I've read and learned.  One, but not the only, reference to dimentia was published…"
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for bryan
"Bryan: There are NO data comparing treatment with any form of therapy for metastatic prostate cancer to no therapy, and there never have been because people didn't do things like randomized clinical trials back in the 1950s when such trials…"
bryan left a comment for E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott
"Thanks for your very full reply.  I'm generally familiar with the history of treatment and standard of care, but it's the bottom line of an additional 18 months after all this treatment that I don't find persuasive because of the…"
Jan Manarite left a comment for rick
"Hi Rick, and welcome.  One of the leading experts in prostate MRI (Dr Peter Choyke of NIH) has stated that a PI-RAD of 4 requires biopsy to see what's really there.  You can find his quote in this article…"
rick is now a member of The "New" Prostate Cancer InfoLink Social Network
Tom F replied to Tom F's discussion Finding my way around this site
"Thanks Mike.  So far so good!"
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for bryan
"Brian: So here is the conudrum regarding what newer therapies were measured against ... Once upon a time (back in the 1940s), there were no effective treatments for metastatic prostate cancer and the severe associated bone pain, Then a man called…"
bryan left a comment for E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott
"thanks Jan and Mike for your very welcome comments.  My Urologist recommended immediate biopsy, bone scan, HRT, chemo and possibly radiation, followed by the cascade of common drugs as resistance is experienced with each.  I'll have…"
Jim Griffith left a comment for E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott
"Thanks Mike. Have printed article off and will carry it with me. I am sure this is the study he had already mentioned. He was little concerned about the study but from what I read, I fit the profile of those that were allowed to participate in the…"


Finding my way around this site 3 Replies

Hi Mike.  Thanks for the add.  I was T3b N1, Gleason 8, PSA  26 on diagnosis.  I wasn't offered a RP.  I had a TURP Then, after 6 month of HT I had RT x 40 sessions. It finished in April 2016.  My HT finishes in September 2018.I attach a snap shot…Continue

Started by Tom F. Last reply by Tom F on Thursday.

Treatment options 15 Replies

We received great news today in that both Ctscan and bone scan showed no signs of cancer! With the high risk cancer localized to the prostate we now begin treatment decisions. My partner is in general good health at 66. We see the RO on Monday. What…Continue

Started by J. Elizabeth. Last reply by E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott Jun 13.

Im a pissed selfish wife. I don't want to be but I am. 9 Replies

Well I should just rename myself angry pissy wife. I don't want my husband to just go into the treatment of standard medicine. Frankly I'm viewing it as barbaric. He is 64 (I'm 54) with a Gleason 9 tc2 we are waiting on MRI so could move to t3. PSA…Continue

Started by LovingWife. Last reply by ctsolar Jun 8.

My husband was newly diagosed 90 Replies

My husband has been diagnosed with PC Gleason score 3+4 7 psa 5.6.Small area on right side. We are waiting for results from nuclear report and then start to make decisions about treatment (surgery, radiation), etc. This is all the information we…Continue

Started by Lynn Boccia. Last reply by Lynn Boccia Jun 7.

ADT and Dementia 4 Replies

My husband is undergoing ADT. I have read a couple of articles  - one that indicates there is a link between ADT and dementia and another that says there is no link. Does anyone have experience or knowledge of this link?Continue

Started by Patricia Peterson. Last reply by E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott Jun 5.

Megace? 1 Reply

Is the use of Megace for hot flashes after radiation and ADT a cause for concern for PCa that has metastasized to lymph?It seems that I have read that it can cause PCa to grow in metastasized areas, causing a rise in PSA?Thanks!MariaContinue

Started by Maria Ore. Last reply by E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott Jun 1.






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