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The "New" Prostate Cancer InfoLink Social Network is a service of Prostate Cancer International and is closely associated with the core information and daily news made available through The "New" Prostate Cancer InfoLink. We welcome patients, family members, physicians, researchers, and anyone else who is seeking information about what's happening on Planet Prostate Cancer.

If you want to remain anonymous on this network ... do not use your real name when you sign in. Use a pseudonym, or just your first name and an initial.

One of our primary goals is to help newly diagnosed men to come to the best possible decision for them about a specific course of action. Given two men with exactly the same clinical characteristics, the best possible decision for man A may be very different to the best possible decision for man B.


Latest Activity

E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for shurk
"Shurk: I do understand the complexities of our nightmare of a health insurance system and all the political lunacies associated therewith (on both sides of the aisle). Alas there is very little that I can do to be of individual help about this. You…"
21 minutes ago
Lynn McKamey replied to Lime's discussion 4 weeks post RRP surgery--a slump? in the group For Wives and Partners
"Sounds typical to me for some men, like my husband... he stayed away from me for a year while he worked out the ups and downs.  This was back in the days before Viagra was even available... but once it was, it took a long while for it to start…"
23 minutes ago
Lynn McKamey replied to Barbara Byrd's discussion incontinence products, which are best? in the group For Wives and Partners
"My husband used premie sized pampers... tiny little things that wrapped around his parts perfectly, stayed in place with jockey underwear and fit well under his jeans (although he wore sweat pants most of the time during this part of the recovery)."
30 minutes ago
shurk left a comment for E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott
"Thanks Mike, was a little down today. I'm not sure if you want to go here or not, but I do think it is important. I'm self employed and last year my only employee on our group plan left the business. So I had to switch to an individual…"
41 minutes ago
Lime added a discussion to the group For Wives and Partners

4 weeks post RRP surgery--a slump?

I'm sure this has been discussed before. My husband is 4 weeks post-RRP surgery. Healing has been quick and UI has been surprisingly (at least for me) minimal. A week and a half ago hubby saw the surgeon for follow up. Hubby told me yesterday that the doc put him on low dose Cialis 2x/week but nothing is happening. Both of these (the Cialis and nothing happening this soon) are pretty typical from what I understand. Hubby is not a talker so I wasn't too surprised he waited more than a week to…See More
1 hour ago
Kingsley left a comment for Kingsley
"Hi just an update on post nsrp recovery. My first psa came back at 0.04 so that was great news.Currently more or less continent very ocassional tiny leaks.Ed have had some function since 2 days after catheter removed have been able to have sex with…"
2 hours ago
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott commented on Dan Meehan's status
"Dan: You may find you have no long-term side effects to finasteride at all. It is really a rather benign drug. According to the prescribing information, "Finasteride is generally well tolerated; adverse reactions usually have been mild and…"
3 hours ago
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for shurk
"Hi Shurk. So actually it is not as unusual as you might think to have a PSA of 124 and absolutely no symptoms whatsoever. It happens. And some men who get a diagnosis like this still do extremely well after appropriate treatment (by which I mean…"
3 hours ago
Dan Meehan commented on Dan Meehan's status
"Thanks Mike, My concearn now is the effects of taking finasteride long term. Currently there aren't any side effects that worry me. I'm not sure how long I will be taking it and what long term unwanted side effects I will have. Thanks for…"
6 hours ago
shurk left a comment for E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott
"Thanks Mike. Just getting my head around this. The shocking part is that no there are no other symptoms. Just had colonosopy and Dr. didn't notice anything like an enlarged prostate. Also had the digital exam and nothing. No pains, don't…"
8 hours ago
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for shurk
"Welcome Shurk. So you are correct. In general a PSA level of > 100 ng/ml is not exactly something one would want to have since it is associated with a high risk for a diagnosis of aggressive forms of prostate cancer. When you tried to get an…"
10 hours ago
Profile Iconshurk, Sue Wick, Danny Edward Crowder and 3 more joined The "New" Prostate Cancer InfoLink Social Network
10 hours ago
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott commented on Dan Meehan's status
"Oh ... OK ... That should help. It does take finasteride time to really work well for a lot of patients, and if you aren't getting as much benefit from finasteride as you need you could ask your doctors about either switching to dutasteride…"
10 hours ago
Dan Meehan posted a status
"Hi Mike: Been taking proscar 5mg aka finasteride 8 1/2 mo for BPH. no other meds. Began to see improvements around 6 months. not 100% yet."
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for Dan Meehan
"Dan: So if your prostate biopsy was negative, what are your doctors now suggesting you need to do in order to deal with your weak stream and "urgency"? Have they talked to you (for example) about trying a drug like Flomax to see if that…"
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for Sue Wick
"Welcome Sue. The effects of treatment for prostate cancer on many men can be extremely traumatic. For far too many men, self-image is very closely tied to their sexual capability and "prowess" (whether that is justifiable or not). Thus, a…"
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for Danny Edward Crowder
"Welcome Danny. I note that you are 66 years of age and have just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. When it comes to the initial management of early-stage prostate cancer (which is likely to be what you has been diagnosed with), the Devil is…"
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for Ricky Langhorne
"Dear Ricky: We need to make sure that we understand exactly what you are telling us, so can you please confirm the following for us: (1) You were diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012 or 2013 when you were 47 years of age (and so you are 49…"
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for Ronald Davenport
"Ron: PNI can be used to mean both "pelvic lymph node involvement" and "perineural invasion". The latter is a much less serious situation than the former ... and seems more likely since it is near to impossible to tell whether a…"
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for William Lopez
"William: At age 64 with a PSA of 4.4 and a family history of prostate cancer you are probably going to need to have a prostate biopsy. You can use the PCPT risk calculator to get an idea of what such a biopsy might find."


Digital scale to monitor bone, muscle mass, hydration 1 Reply

Might a $100 home digital scale that measures weight, bone mass, muscle mass, body fat, hydration and weight via BIA (body impedance analysis) -- NOT BMI, help guide us? If it shows bone loss…Continue

Started by Lee Green. Last reply by E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott yesterday.

Anyone interested in performing a clinical trial on Salvestrols? 15 Replies

Would any of the researchers in the group be interested in submitting a proposal to NIH/NCI CAM to perform a clinical trial on Salvestrols. They have funding and this is just the kind of study that…Continue

Started by David Grothe. Last reply by frank defazio on Sunday.

Newly diagnosed with bone mets 11 Replies

Hoping for some advice!  Very scared for my husband.  He has just turned 60, was having some intermittent hip pain, and they discovered tumor. PSA 19.  Biopsied Thursday, results yesterday:  Gleason…Continue

Started by K Thomas. Last reply by K Thomas on Sunday.

Diagnosed Yesterday with Prostate Cancer 4 Replies

Hi Everyone,My worst nightmare came true yesterday afternoon.  My doc gave me the biopsy report after  weeks of stress and denial.  I could tell it was bad news just looking at his face as he entered…Continue

Started by David Dodson.. Last reply by Steven Hess Feb 20.

Sugar: Real or imagined danger? 9 Replies

I've seen many posts on various forums about the danger of ingesting sugar when one has prostate cancer, especially recurring prostate cancer.  I've also seen many conflicting websites on the topic.…Continue

Started by Dave S.. Last reply by E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott Feb 20.

Color Doppler in Diagnosis? 1 Reply

Hello Everyone,I'm writing as the spouse of someone (age 57) who has a PSA of 5.27 and a %FPSA of 14.4 (negative DRE). My question concerns regular random biopsies vs. color doppler-assisted…Continue

Started by Mary Oliver. Last reply by E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott Feb 16.

Provenge 1 Reply

Does anyone have any experience with Provenge?Continue

Started by David Grothe. Last reply by Robert Heavey Feb 7.

Is there REALLY a monster in the closet? 12 Replies

I feel like a little kid holding the closet door closed - he's convinced that there's a monster in there, but is afraid to look inside to see.With undetectable PSA, when does it make sense to go off…Continue

Started by Robert Heavey. Last reply by Robert Heavey Feb 7.

beginning radiation 5 Replies

Hello everyone.  My husband has T3bNi stage IV PC..  He had robotic surgery in Oct 2013 and started on Lupron a year ago this month.  He is tolerating the Lupron with little side effects and his PSA…Continue

Started by patty a. Last reply by E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott Feb 6.

Cancer Treatement Centers of America 2 Replies

Has anyone had any experience with Cancer Treatement Centers of America?Continue

Started by David Grothe. Last reply by David Grothe Jan 31.



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