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The "New" Prostate Cancer InfoLink Social Network is a service of Prostate Cancer International and is closely associated with the core information and daily news made available through The "New" Prostate Cancer InfoLink. We welcome patients, family members, physicians, researchers, and anyone else who is seeking information about what's happening on Planet Prostate Cancer.

If you want to remain anonymous on this network ... do not use your real name when you sign in. Use a pseudonym, or just your first name and an initial.

One of our primary goals is to help newly diagnosed men to come to the best possible decision for them about a specific course of action. Given two men with exactly the same clinical characteristics, the best possible decision for man A may be very different to the best possible decision for man B.


Latest Activity

Jeannine Bartmess left a comment for E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott
"Mike,  Thanks for your response.  My husband is young 52.  So I know we need to be aggressive.  We are in Colorado so we went to University of Colorado Hospital and we have Dr. Crawford as his Dr.   We were told…"
3 hours ago
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for Rachel Canales
"Good ... Try to pull him along gently. This is really, really hard for many men. It's going to take real patients on your part."
8 hours ago
Rachel Canales left a comment for E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott
"Thank you Mike.  What great timing.  We just had a conversation, well I had a conversation and he listened.  He seems to understand that he really needs support, and that there is nothing wrong with being depressed.  Hopefully he…"
9 hours ago
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for Donny Martin
"Donny, welcome. I see that you are 69 years of age. If you have just been diagnosed with metastatic disease, you should talk with your doctors about the data reported earlier this year from the CHAARTED trial, which strongly suggest the potential of…"
9 hours ago
Donny Martin is now a member of The "New" Prostate Cancer InfoLink Social Network
9 hours ago
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for Rachel Canales
"Rachel: Here is another idea for you. There is a new book coming out in a couple of weeks called Ripped Out: One Man's Journey Surviving Prostate Cancer. I haven't read it myself, but Ann Katz seems to give it a serious thumbs up, and I do…"
9 hours ago
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for Rachel Canales
"Dear Rachel: I am very sorry to hear this. It is not good. He really needs to find someone that he can "open up" to."
10 hours ago
Rachel Canales left a comment for Rachel Canales
"Mike thank you so much. Unfortunately he is not willing to talk to anyone and is withdrawing even further. I appreciate your thoughts."
14 hours ago
Cliff Forbes left a comment for E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott
"Mike, this is the first time the PSA has dropped since 2001, other than a drop from 1.3 to 1.2 in 2004.   It's academic for me at this point, but I have done some more reading on this psa screening controversy.   Seems to me…"
14 hours ago
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for Jeannine Bartmess
"Jeannine: First, MRI scans aren't always accurate enough to be able to identify extracapsular extension prior to surgery. Sometimes they can; sometimes they can't (false negatives); and sometimes they show what seems to be extracapsular…"
15 hours ago
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for Joe McDonald
"Hi Brenda (and Joe). OK. I get it. (And yes I did note the message about the drug used to treat the hot flashes as being megestrol.) One possibility would be for you and Joe to ask the doctors about treatment with only an antiandrogen like…"
16 hours ago
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for ROBERT D DODGE
"Robert: Based on the data you provided for your last three PSA test results, you have a current PSA doubling time of 39.44 months (i.e., about 3.3 years). If your PSA was to go on doubling at this rate, it would reach about 50 ng/ml in mid 2021,…"
16 hours ago
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for Cliff Forbes
"Good. You are starting to look like a man who has very low-risk disease and who may never need treatment at all."
16 hours ago
DavidD left a comment for E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott
"Hello Michael, As you can see from the update to my data that I have just posted, my PSA has risen by a further 1.35 in a period of about 40 days and now stands at 10.83. I also see that the drop in free PSA percentage was not a one-time effect but…"
19 hours ago
DavidD updated their profile
20 hours ago
Joe McDonald left a comment for E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott
"Mike - Wanted to make a correction on my earlier post. Joe was given Megestrol to help with the "hot flashes" rather then meloxicam."
Cliff Forbes left a comment for E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott
"Mike, I went in for another psa test today. When I had it checked last in July it had moved up to 4.22 from 3.76 in April which had prompted the biopsy. Latest is 3.63. So, lower than April. I figure that cannot be anything but good news. I had…"
Stephen Pendergast posted a blog post
Jeannine Bartmess left a comment for E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott
"My husband's pathology states that on the right posterior side there is a small ECE about 2.4 mm.  The other problem is that when the Dr. removed his prostate he said he tore the right side of his prostate and the Dr. said he was pretty…"
ROBERT D DODGE left a comment for E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott
"Mike: PSA Values Last 12 months: 9.34   6/3/2013 12.0  7/31/2014 12.3 9/30/2014 RD "


Fasting really helps my PSA going down 7 Replies

I'm 56 years old18 months ago my prostate was removed (Gleason 7)then PSA was undetectable, I thought I was saved but...8 months ago PSA was 0.10, one month later 0.11 one month later 0.11 then 0.12…Continue

Started by Delhasse. Last reply by Steve Thomas on Sunday.

Rising PSA! 28 Replies

Thought I would reach out to forum, as I continue dialogue with Mike as well.  Am 70 years old and was diagnosed 10 years ago, with gleason 9. Had surgery which was not curative, an started on Lupron…Continue

Started by robert troy. Last reply by Don Oberlin Oct 9.

decision 14 Replies

Guys,I am presently 64 years old and in good health.  12/2010 I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.  I told my story on this site.  My Gleason was 6, with cancer only on right lower quadrant.  I went…Continue

Started by Joseph York. Last reply by Joseph York Oct 7.

Surgical Travel 22 Replies

Men are going from the US to Dominican Republic and other places for HIFU. This is a form of tourism for men who have means. And men come to the US for surgery, radiation, and more; they too have…Continue

Started by Arnon Krongrad, MD. Last reply by Ronald Martin Rosen Oct 6.

New Consumer Reports Article 3 Replies

In the new, Nov, 2014, issue of Consumer Reports, page 43, they talk about "Outrage No. 3 Pushing the New and Flashy" - talking about Laparoscopic  instruments, and indirectly the LRP. They say that…Continue

Started by Sam. Last reply by E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott Oct 4.

Upgrade from gleeson 6 to 7.3+4 9 Replies

After 12mths on active surviellance received the news on repeat biopsy of another 4cores positive.One core 100 percent gleeson 3+4 another 75percent Gleeson 3+4.The other 2 cores gleeson 3+3.Over 2…Continue

Started by Kingsley. Last reply by Keith K Sep 24.

cryotheraphy 3 Replies

I am 66 years old.   PSA 11, Gleason score 8, T1 is the clinical stage (stage 1.)   I have Type 2 diabetes complicated with an associated medical problem-- interigo in the scrotum (and sometimes…Continue

Started by Earl Hargrove. Last reply by E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott Sep 22.


Mr.Mark Emberton & his colleagues Mr. Hashim Ahmed, et. al who perform HIFU intervention at University College Hospital have been meticulously collecting outcome data for years. For those of you…Continue

Started by Ronald Martin Rosen. Last reply by Ronald Martin Rosen Sep 17.

Petition to test Salvestrols 14 Replies

I have started a petition on for conducting clinical trials on Salvestrols, a potential cure for cancer. The link to the petition is here…Continue

Started by David Grothe. Last reply by John L Sep 16.



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