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The "New" Prostate Cancer InfoLink Social Network is a service of Prostate Cancer International and is closely associated with the core information and daily news made available through The "New" Prostate Cancer InfoLink. We welcome patients, family members, physicians, researchers, and anyone else who is seeking information about what's happening on Planet Prostate Cancer.

If you want to remain anonymous on this network ... please DO NOT use your real name when you sign in. Use a pseudonym, or just your first name and an initial.

One of our primary goals is to help newly diagnosed men to come to the best possible decision for them about a specific course of action. Given two men with exactly the same clinical characteristics, the best possible decision for man A may be very different to the best possible decision for man B.


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randy hoft left a comment for E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott
"Randy Hoft"
Algirdas left a comment for E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott
"Thank you for your thoughts, I am grateful. I am 65 years old. I also have severe prostatic hyperplasia (4,7x4,2 cm).Ive been drinking for 100 days: silidosin 4 mg ( i the morning) and tadalafil 5 mg (in the evening) and I dont know when to…"
Keith R left a comment for E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott
"Hi Mike, Thanks very much for the helpful intro.  I have my CT scan this Friday 1/28  and am meeting with the radiation oncologist next Tuesday 2/1.  If it's okay I'll probably reach back out to you with a few more…"
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for Keith R
"Welcome Keith. So anyone diagnosed with Gleason 8 prostate cancer has high-risk disease and needs early treatment, particularly at your relatively young age. Obviously I have no idea where you live or what type of doctors you may have seen to date,…"
Profile IconKeith R and Ralph DeGraw joined The "New" Prostate Cancer InfoLink Social Network
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for Algirdas
"The way your doctor seems to be treating you looks very reasonable to me. You have both low-risk prostate cancer (but NOT very low-risk) and benign prostatic hyperplasia (an enlarged prostate). If you prostate size keeps falling and your PSA keeps…"
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for Algirdas
"Algidas: So I THINK you are telling me that: -- Your PSA on November 18 was 12.5 ng/ml -- Your PSA on January 18 was 8.61 ng/ml -- Your clinical stage is T1cNxMx -- Your biopsy showed 0/5 positive cores on one side of your prostate and 3/5 positive…"
Algirdas left a comment for E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott
"Gerkite tik nuo prostatos hiperplazijos: silodozino 4 mg ir tadalafilio 5 mg. Nuo prostatos vėžio papildomai Pomi_T Prostatos tūris: 2021-06-17 (78 cm3_ ir 2021-11-19 (68 cm3)) Ultragarsinis tyrimas 4,7x4,2 - 2021-12-30"
Algirdas left a comment for E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott
"Silodozin - 4 mg (morning) Tadalafik - 5 mg (evening) Pomi_T (2x1during the day) D. sklityje 0/5; K. sklityje 3/5 bioptatų teigiami, Geason 6 (3+3), navikas apima iki 25 proc. vieno bioptato. Iš mazgo 3/3 teigiami bioptatai. Navikas apima iki…"
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for Ralph DeGraw
"Welcome Ralph. So this is not an easy choice one way or the other ... and in all truth there is no right or wrong answer. The risk of significant side effects from the hormone therapy in a man with your existing co-morbid conditions is indeed…"
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for Algirdas
"Is your PSA level falling of its own accord or has your doctor given you something to treat an enlarged prostate?"
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for Algirdas
"Dear Algidas: It sounds as though you may have relatively low-risk prostate cancer. If I was you, I would want to ask my doctor exactly how much cancer he had found in my prostate when he gave me the biopsy (e.g. 1 core out of 12 or more than…"
Algirdas updated their profile
E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott left a comment for Stephen
"Welcome Stephen. Unfortunately I have to tell you that a PSA level of 383 ng/ml is normally associated with an EXTREMELY high probability of a diagnosis of advanced or metastatic prostate cancer. You need, ideally, to see a urologic oncologist or a…"
Jan 17
Stephen is now a member of The "New" Prostate Cancer InfoLink Social Network
Jan 17
Glenn Jerome left a comment for E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott
"Mike Thank you for your feedback and information."
Jan 15


Genetic Test

For those interested, here is a link to the Promise Program  Genetic Testing study. I've done this and it was free and easy.  I like the free part myself.  Consider talking this over with you MO before engaging.  This is not a simple "23 and me" or…Continue

Started by Tom Full Jan 10.

PLARIFY - An Imaging Agent 3 Replies

PLARIFY is a newly-approved agent to use with PET scans. It is available in some areas of the country now and is rolling out to many others.My doc at MDA says they will have trials with it in September, and he will put me in.My PSA has been ticking…Continue

Started by Mike Simmons. Last reply by Tom Full Jan 10.

Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology (TBRO)

Has anybody here live in Tampa Bay area and exp. with doctors in Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology. I have seen Dr Ronay and he was great. I have an appt with radiation oncologist, Dr. Jack Steel that supposed to have over 4000 operations and 20 years…Continue

Started by Scott G Oct 28, 2021.

Does one wait for cancer to present itself or begin Androgen therapy 57 Replies

Please see my stats for details on my recurrent cancer.  After more than 4 PET scans at the Mayo in 2017, my oncologist said I should wait until my PSA has risen to 8 before getting another scan because the cancer remained undetectable.  Then in…Continue

Started by Tom Full. Last reply by E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott Oct 11, 2021.

Liquid Radiation

Anyone on this site have any knowledge of liquid radiation for the treatment of PCa? If so please share your information with the rest of us.Don O.Continue

Started by Don Oberlin Jun 4, 2021.

IMRT vs Cyberknife vs Proton vs Seeds 2 Replies


Started by Jan Manarite. Last reply by Tom May 13, 2021.






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